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Pay 25% upfront and get your item immediately. No hassle. No stress.


Click the button below to begin. Please fill in Name of Product and the price as agreed with an ogabassey agent.

Click Here!

Type in your email. If it is your first time, Sign up with Zilla. An OTP would be sent to your email immediately.

The following details are required to verify your account;     ⁃    BANK VERIFICATION NUMBER (BVN)     ⁃    BVN is only used for account verification.     ⁃    BANK & CARD DETAILS To verify if you are eligible for credit.     ⁃    HOME ADDRESS Nothing much! To deliver your item     ⁃    EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION To ensure you have a stable income.

Set up a password, ensure to add a special character.

Enter OTP that was sent TO YOUR EMAIL in step 2.

Enter BVN. Confirm name displayed and proceed.

Submit a selfie to validate Face ID (To confirm it’s you).

Input phone number in +234 format to receive OTP for verification.

Connect bank account to check credit eligibility. This is perfectly safe !

Enter Home Address For Delivery.

Enter Work Details

Verify Employment using work email for instant Approval. Manual verification takes 48 hours.

Enter OTP sent to email

Review Payment Terms, Make DownPayment and your item will be delivered within 3 working days.

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