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Automate instalment collection efforts for several weeks or months with 0% percent interest.


Please Note:

For orders between N5,000 to N50,000, the repayment period is 6 weeks [Every 2 weeks]. For orders above 50K to 250K, the repayment period is 3 months.

Visit to pick a product or click here to be directed to our site.

Goto Ogabassey

After choosing products. Proceed to checkout and choose Pay with PayFlexi at checkout.

Click Get started; Accept Cookie Request if any.

Input email, Input first name, Last name(Surname), Phone Number and access code sent to email.

Input access code sent to phone number.

Connect most active bank account for a quick credit check.

Review payment plan.

Click pay to proceed to make 25% downpayment.

Item will be delivered between 0-3 business days.

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