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Multiple Finance Options Just For You.

Pay Small SmallPay in InstallmentsAvoid DisappointmentsGet that New Device

With Ogabassey

Enjoy flexible payment options that allow you to own the latest gadgets, accessories, and more while you spread payments over time.

With Over 40 Nigerian Financial Institutions Supported


Why you should get your device in installments.

You Shouldn't have to break the bank everytime to get a new device.

Ogabassey dey for you.



Up To 12
Months Installments


Product Selection

World Wide

Choose a Plan that suits you. 😀

Carbon Zero

Pay in 4-6 installments.

Shopping Limit - 5,000,000

1-3 months Installments (0% Interest)

4-6 months Installments (2% Interest)

0% Monthly Interest

25% Initial Deposit

Swift Processing

0-3 Working Days Delivery


Pay in 4 installments.

Shopping Limit - 5,000,000

5% Monthly Interest

2-6 months Installments

30% Initial Deposit

Swift Processing

0-3 Working Days Delivery


Pay in 4 installments.

Shopping Limit - 500,000

3 Months Installments

25% Initial Deposit

2% Monthly Interest

Swift Processing

0-3 Working Days Delivery


Pay in 6 installments.

Shopping Limit - 3,000,000

Only for employed customers

2.5% Monthly Interest

1-3 months Installments

38.33% Initial Deposit

Swift Processing

0-3 Working Days Delivery


Shop and pay with Zilla

Shopping Limit - 300,000

0% Monthly Interest

4 installments (6 Weeks, 25% Downpayment)

3 installments (2 Months, 50% Downpayment)

2 Installments (1 Month, 50% Downpayment)

Swift Processing

0 - 3 Working Days Delivery

The process — It's straightforward!

Select a spending limit.

Fill the required information.

Review your bank statement.

Complete your registration and order for your device!


What our customers say about us.

Have a question?
You’re covered.

Currently, we support over forty (40) commercial banks in Nigeria. Digital banks such as Kuda, Cowrywise, Piggyvest, Alat, Rubies Bank are also supported.
Payments are required to be made on the 28th of each month.
You are required to credit the account created for you at the point of registration with the calculated installment amount. If the account is not credited, the tokenized card will be debited.

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